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As madness grips this world, and people start killing each other, you halt to wonder if things could get any worse and now you wish you wouldn’t have asked for so because the one’s they killed didn’t stay dead.

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Uphill Rush 6

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Skywire 3

skywire 3


Another amazing free online action zombie game presented to you by none other than Toffee Games. This epic zombie game is an ultimate destination for the zombie lovers.

Now the players can upgrade their car and drive from the dusty roads through hordes of zombies, the undead who threatens your very own existence and the only way you can reach your destination is to race your way to of the bedlam, and stay alive as you do so.


What’s more? So you think this is a normal racing action game with deadly zombie coming for your life?

The fabulous game enables the player to choose among not one or two but eight different vehicles. So now you do not only race in a car you can utilize the vehicle to destroy these obnoxious creatures. Run them over and stay safe as they climb up on your vehicle or jump on top of it. But that’s not all; if you think it is only the zombies who you stop you, think again there are numerous unpredictable obstacles that challenge you throughout the way.


The controls are very simple and easy to use, because we know your focus to more on staying alive and fighting the zombies. The player uses arrow keys for direction and can use X or Ctrl to boost the car speed.

Have Fun!



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