Earn To Die Walkthrough


Love online gaming. Does the dead coming alive excite you? If you are already nodding your head in yes, then get ready for the massacre & carnage that follows a zombie apocalypse and the thrill and chilling adventure of being a survivor of the blood slaughter and chaos travelling in search of a safe abode and the struggle for life from the undead.

Earn To Die 2012 – Earn To Die 2 Walkthrough 

The world is facing its last stand and you need to figure out a way from the bedlam and survive through all the obstacles and challenges posed and emerge from the horde of zombies victorious. But this time victory does not come through a fight or by taking a stand, it comes through running out of problems and stamping every obstacle that comes your way and in the way to your survival.

If you have already played the famous online action zombie game  ‘Earn to Die’ you know exactly what I am talking about, but even if you have not played it yet, get ready to get glued to your seat as you are about to begin a game which you would not want to drop no matter what comes your way. Just like you would not let any bloodthirsty zombie come in your way of escape.

‘Earn to Die Walkthrough’ is another bullet in the tremendously exciting and addictive game series ‘Earn to Die’. This engaging sequel continues the race on the dusty and uneven landscape filled with hordes of zombies, the undead who threatens your very own existence and the only way you can reach your destination is to race your way to of the bedlam, and stay alive as you do so.


Earn to Die – Walkthrough – Part 1

It’s stunning graphics and retina support makes it an absolute addiction for any zombie game lover. The dusty road with uneven and dangerous topography makes the games even more exciting and challenging as the gamer can smarty use different vehicles in different topography to get an upper hand and edge over the restive zombies.

The fabulous game enables the player to choose among not one or two but eight different vehicles. So now you do not only race in a car you can utilize the vehicle to destroy these obnoxious creatures. Run them over and stay safe as they climb up on your vehicle or jump on top of it. But that’s not all; if you think it is only the zombies who you stop you, think again there are numerous unpredictable obstacles that challenge you throughout the way.


The controls are very simple and easy to use, because we know your focus to more on staying alive and fighting the zombies.

Player needs to use

Upward Arrow Key – Accelerate

Downward Arrow Key – Break

Left/Right Arrow Key – To tilt

Ctrl or X – To boost

Indulge yourself in the zombie killing games online for free and find yourself lost in the midst of veracious zombies. Battle out the zombies and put them to ground where they belong, but beware you are up against hordes of bloodthirsty scavengers they might be slow but does not help you outrun them as they are undead yet deadly.


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