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What do you do when the only escape is to flee, when there is no fighting back but will it be all that easy? Another action packed game for the Zombie lovers, brought to you by Toffee Games.

When there is no turning back and the only road ahead of you is the road of the dead – Earn to Die brings to you the ultimate free online action zombie game.

The player has to drive all the way through a dusty road filled with the voracious undead, bloodshed and chaos and when you think it’s almost possible even in your wildest dreams the unpredictable obstacles makes you rethink!



Drive through the carnage and bedlam just to find yourself in the best zombie escape ever. A love of the Action Gamers with the fancy of Zombies, this game offers you eight challenging levels to clear and it is fully equipped with not one or two but eight different vehicles. So now you do not only race in a car you can utilize the vehicle to destroy these obnoxious creatures. Run them over and stay safe as they climb up on your vehicle or jump on top of it.

And earn as you run over, hit, smash and kill them. It’s stunning graphics and retina support makes it an absolute addiction for any zombie game lover. The dusty road with uneven and dangerous topography makes the games even more exciting and challenging as the gamer can smarty use different vehicles in different topography to get an upper hand and edge over the restive zombies.


The controls are very simple and handy, to compliment the adventurous and dangerous pathway.

Player needs to use

Upward Arrow Key – Accelerate

Downward Arrow Key – Break

Left/Right Arrow Key – To tilt

Ctrl or X – To boost

So now that you are about to became a fan like me, or even if you are already a fan like me, let me help you out and share a few of my trade secrets. Use them to make your friends wonder and jealous. Though all these might help you to a great extend, you always know isn’t only cheat codes that can help you defeat these deadly creatures.

  • Now press the number [1] and toggle between invisibility and visibility of your vehicle.
  • Press the number [2] and toggle between ammo.
  • Press M to earn a quick $5000, to earn more money.
  • Press C and get a nitro boost, and race through the road.
  • Stuck on the road due to low fuel when the detestable zombies are after your life and press V to get a quick refill of fuel on the run.
  • Press B to get ammo

Now with these cheat codes you are way ahead of your friends competing against you to race out and smash and kill the zombies and earn more and more money. Beat with high scores, earn unlimited money and get tremendous upgrades for your vehicle and make them envy you, because you have earned it all!




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