Earn To Die 2 Cheats

The latest version of Earn to die has few changes over the previous version. The older version has been revamped to suit the new iPhone as well as various other latest smart phones.

A game that’s loved by over 100 million gamers where the gamer has to drive as if his life depended on it comes up with great updates that would be loved by all the gamers.

It is a highly fast paced game with fabulous action while driving and killing zombies, and I would deter from saying, it one of the most addictive of all flash player games. The gamer faces a stiff challenge of latest twists as the game progresses where the user has to crush zombies, as he does this, has to travel through the entire desert.


Strategy is now going to be a more important part of the game; it is more tactical and needs your attention to details. As on the way one faces many obstacles, while one has to clear them, they have to make sure that the fuel tank of the vehicle does not get empty. As the gamer completes a level he is entitled to get cash, more levels crossed, more cash the gamer earns. The cash earned can be made to use depending upon the gamers’ strategy.

Since, strategy now becomes a huge part of this game, there are few cheat codes available for the gamer would want to use them. As this game is latest one in the series and also with usage of new technology, it has become even more difficult for the hacker to create cheat codes. The cheat codes that the gamer can currently use are:



1)      While the gamer is in middle of the race and has to drive across the entire desert stretch within the stipulated time, it gets difficult sometimes because of the time constraint. Here, press “C” to fill up the empty nitro and zoom quickly to finish the race.

2)      Since the game rule states that the race must be completed by using only a certain amount of fuel in the tank the user can press “V” once the fuel mark is hovering around the danger mark. This would fill the tank of the vehicle once again thus the user will not face any fuel shortage.

3)      As the level increases, killing zombies just by crushing them under the car would not be helpful in completing a level. Add ammunitions to kill them i.e. use of gun etc. If the gamer is short if cash, press “B” which allows the gamer to buy any ammunition.

4)      To take in maximum cash to the next level, the best way is to add a Facebook link once a level is completed as it gives $99999 to the gamer for each link of Facebook. More the links pasted more money one earns.

As more people start playing this latest version, more cheat codes will come up which would make the game easier to complete. For now, all gamers enjoy playing this game using the above cheats.


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