Earn to Die 2

All gaming freaks out there, how many are interested in playing a game that’s loved by over 100 million gamers where the gamer has to drive as if his life depended on it. The latest version has few changes over the previous version. The older version has been revamped to suit the new iPhone as well as various other latest smart phones.

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The basic rule of the game is, the player starts with very less cash and his car has to cross a desert surrounded by zombies. The games mission is pretty clear; the user has to drive to the desert of these zombies alive!!!

Driving and saving oneself isn’t the only catch here. One gets to earn cash for their upgrade as one crosses various levels. Also, one can customize their new vehicles based on their choice, unlock other new vehicles, or maybe even add a gun or spike frame etc to kill the zombies. The user will never be bored of playing this exciting game.

The latest game has more thrills and frills than the previous one and also the upgrade acts as a cherry on the cake as it adds to the excitement and makes gamers adrenaline rushing by the time he comes to the end of a level or maybe the game.

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The latest features of this game include:

1)      The all new and bigger story mode, that gives an overview of the gamer driving through the wild zombie apocalypse.

2)      There are in all 8 new vehicles at for a gamer, from where he can select anyone of his choice. These vehicles are- race car, school bus and yes a truck as well!!

3)      Previous version had the function of only to unlock a vehicle, well not anymore as the new version has new update of not only unlocking but also to change and customize the features of the vehicle as and how the games wants. Now, this update I am sure all you fans would love to have.

4)      The number of zombies the gamer might encounter has increased by many folds, now the user faces a hell lot of zombies here. The easiest way to eliminate them is by crushing them under your vehicle.

5)      The animation in this new version has greater effect, so if one is playing on a high end smart phone can really enjoy the thrill of it. Also, these animations are not over the top and are fit for such a game, making it more exciting.

6)      For any help or support there is a new feature called the Game Center which would be useful especially for a new player who did not play the previous Earn to die

7)      The biggest feature of this game is that a gamer can enjoy the entire game at no extra cost i.e. there are no IN-APP purchases involved here.

8)      This version of the game is optimized for retina display too, adding to the effect.

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This latest game is also available in HD with the all new retina support especially for iPad.

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